Geometry and Art

The Mystery of Rennes-le-Château

Pentagonal Signature Geometry

Table of Artists and their Works
 1.  Poussin, Nicolas
 2.  Teniers, David, the Younger
 3.  Bosch, Hieronymus
  The Last Judgement (Seven Deadly Sins)
 4.  Botticelli, Sandro
  Madonna of St. Barnabas
  Madonna of the Magnificat
  Primavera (Spring)
 5.  Castiglione, Giovanni
  Arcadian Shepherds
 6.  Cocteau, Jean
  The Altar, La Chapelle Saint Pierre
 7.  Dalmau, Luis
  The Virgin of the Counsellors
 8.  Delacroix, Eugène
  Heliodorus Chased from the Temple
 9.  Dürer, Albrecht
 10. Grünewald, Matthias
  Crucifiction (Isenheim)
  St. Anthony and St. Paul (Isenheim)
 11. Guercino, Giovanni
  Et in Arcadia Ego
  Apollo Flaying Marsyas
 12. Leonardo da Vinci
  The Virgin of the Rocks (Paris)
  The Virgin of the Rocks (London)
 13.  Raphael Sanzio
  Allegory of a Knight (Dream of Scipio)
  The Transfiguration
  The Triumph of Galatea
 14.  Rubens, Peter Paul
  Adoration of the Magi
 15. Van Dyck, Sir Anthony
  Lamentation of Christ
 16.  Velasquez, Diego
  St. Anthony and St. Paul
 17.  Veronese, Paolo
  Virgin and Child




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