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Pentagonal Signature Geometry

Some Works of Poussin (Titles after Blunt)
1. Adoration of the Shepherds, The
2. Arcadian Shepherds, The (Chatsworth)
3. Arcadian Shepherds, The (Louvre)
  Autumn, see also Four Seasons
4. Dance to the Music of Time
  Deluge, see also Four Seasons
5. Diana and Endymion
  Earthly Paradise, see also Four Seasons
  Et in Arcadia Ego, see Arcadian Shepherds
  Flood, see also Four Seasons
6.   Four Seasons:
7. - Autumn: Spies with Grapes from the Promised Land  
8. - Spring: Earthly Paradise
9. - Summer: Ruth and Boaz
10. - Winter: Deluge
11.  Holy Family on the Steps, The
12. Inspiration of the Epic Poet, The
13.  Judgement of Solomon, The
14. Midas at the Source of the Pactolus
15. Plague of Ashdod, The
  Ruth and Boaz, see also Four Seasons
  Seasons, see Four Seasons
16.   Self-Portrait (Berlin)
17.   Self-Portrait (Paris)
  Spring, see also Four Seasons
  Summer, see also Four Seasons
18.  Theseus Finding his Father's Arms
19. Time Saving Truth from Envy and Discord
20.  Triumph of David, The (Dulwich)
21.  Triumph of Neptune, The
Winter, see also Four Seasons




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