Geometry and Art

The Mystery of Rennes-le-Château

Pentagonal Signature Geometry

RLC Features with Potential Signatures
1. The Church, the Porch Tynpanum
2.  The Church, the Angels at the Stoup
3.  The Church, the Plan of the Garden
4.  The Church, the Bell Tower Commemorative
5.  The Tour Magdala
6. Stone Inscribed by Boudet
7. Poussin's Tomb
8. The Shepherds Monument
Unknown Artists
9.  The Coronation of Pope Celestine V
10.  The Poor, the Sick and the Unfortunate
11.  'Le Christ au Lièvre' (Hainaut)
Miscellaneous Designs
12. The Bee, the Hive and the Web
13. A Renaissance Medal
14. The Coume-Sourde Stone



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